Welcome Message

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Superintendent of Dennis Township Schools. During my time here, I have come to know our staff as hard-working and very dedicated to serving Dennis Township’s children in the best ways possible. They remain true to the Dennis Township School District mission of commitment to an exemplary educational program that inspires and prepares life-long learners who contribute to society as caring, productive, and responsible individuals.

As we go forward we will continue to work on four main areas:

  • Student Achievement
  • Parent Engagement
  • Finance and Facilities
  • Partnerships for District Opportunities

The goals we set and achieve in these areas will provide our children with a safe place to learn in challenging and engaging ways.  This outstanding environment will ensure our students are ready to meet the necessary requirements for exceptional college and career success.

It is important to note: it takes more than school staff to accomplish school excellence. We need you, our community, to partner with us in reaching to achieve optimal learning opportunities for our students.  Please continue to be involved both at home and in school.  As a team, we can accomplish new heights of excellence for Dennis Township Schools.

Yours in Educating Our Children,

Susan S. Speirs
Superintendent, Dennis Township School District