Museum of the American Revolution Trip

Dennis Township 8th graders enjoyed a recent trip to Philadelphia to experience the brand new Museum of the American Revolution.

A new museum dedicated solely to the history of the American Revolution, the exhibits feature both artifacts and interactive learning, so students were able to experience a British Army charge at Brandywine Battlefield, what it was like to serve as a privateer or to see replicas of early photographs taken of Revolutionary War survivors.

One of the most amazing artifacts is Washington's actual battlefield tent which is displayed in a special exhibit as a wrap up to the tour.

Students said they enjoyed the opportunity to tie much of their 8th grade social studies instruction to the museum exhibits.

8th grade social studies teacher and trip organizer Steven Gurdgiel says he thinks it is a worthwhile field trip.

"This is a unique museum and it's basically a day trip for us," he explains.  "As a history fan myself, it was very exciting and I'm definitely looking forward to next year's trip now."