Mrs. Tanner’s Memorial Dedication

Dennis Township Schools remembered one of its finest teachers as it dedicated a memorial to Mrs. Debbie Tanner. Mrs. Tanner taught in the district for 37 years, mostly and famously in eighth grade math. Countless students and generations have learned, loved, and truly understood math thanks to Mrs. Tanner. Her thorough teaching approach taught students not only the how’s of math, but the whys. Mrs. Tanner wanted everyone, students and fellow colleagues, to reach for their best and prided herself on helping them accomplish it. The infinity memorial symbolizes the never ending, a line that never ends, and eternal development and balance, and truly represents the legacy Mrs. Tanner has left on the school, students, and staff of Dennis Township, mathematically and beyond. Dennis Township Education Association designed, ordered, and provided the memorial, which maintenance staff installed. Surrounding hardscaping was provided by a retired colleague of Mrs. Tanners, making it a true community effort. Friends and family spoke of Mrs. Tanner’s infamous morning math, pride in her family, sense of humor, years of coaching, constant supply of tea and Diet Coke, and sincere impact on all she encountered to an audience of family, former students who were also family, former students who became colleagues, colleagues, and administrators. As the memorial dedication came to a close, colleagues and family reminisced on all that Mrs. Tanner had taught them, smiled, and headed back into the building where Mrs. Tanner’s husband, Mark, joked that Debbie would have still been holed up in, tutoring students long after the bell rang.