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Welcome Message

If you need technology assistance regarding "e-Learning Days" or if you have any technology related questions at all, please click on the "Send Email" button located on this page, complete and submit the form and I will respond promptly.

Dear Dennis Township Families,

Please take a moment to review the following important technology related updates and procedures as we begin the 20-21 school year:

Tech Talk for Parents
Tech Talk for Parents is an area of our district website dedicated to ALL technology related applications and resources being utilized by our district. We encourage all parents/guardians to visit TECH TALK regularly for important technology related updates, procedures and information. Please visit our district website click on the PARENTS tab in the main menu, then select TECH TALK.

An e-Learning day is an “electronic learning” day that has been approved as a day of instruction that is accessible to all students who are not physically present at the school, but will work remotely. All e-Learning days will qualify towards the 180-day requirement. To access e-Learning Day information, assignments and materials, from any device with internet access simply visit our district website, click on the E-LEARNING button
located towards the top of the webpage.

Devices for Remote Learning
If your child currently has a “district issued” device at home, from the 19-20 school year, you make keep that device at home for the duration of the 20-21 school year. If you do NOT have a device or enough devices at home for student(s) to use on remote learning days, please visit the SIGN OUT A DEVICE page located in the e-Learning section of our district website. If your child needs a device, and you have already submitted the
online form, your child will be sent home with their device during the first week of school. If your child is a 100% remote only student and you have submitted the online form, your device will be available for pick up this week. Please CLICK HERE to view the instructions posted on our district website/social media on 9/3/20.

Genesis Parent Portal
The GENESIS PARENT PORTAL is for viewing your child's grades, report cards and attendance (etc...). We encourage ALL parents to register. If you have NOT yet registered, you MUST submit the online PARENT PORTAL REGISTRATION FORM. More information regarding the GENESIS PARENT PORTAL is located under the
PARENTS tab on our district website.

Lunchtime Parent Portal
The Dennis Township School District has transitioned to a new Point of Sale lunch system called LUNCHTIME. The new system will replace our previous "Lunch Portal". The new LUNCHTIME PARENT PORTAL will allow you to make online payments, track student purchases, and create reminders and notifications, set up
automatic payments and more! Please CLICK HERE for more information.

If you have any questions or if you need any technology assistance at all, please contact me anytime


John Murphy
Director of Technology
Dennis Township School District