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Welcome Susan Speirs, our new Chief School Administrator!


DT celebrated February Hawks of the Month and 2nd marking period honor roll this week. 

8th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll
Back row - Grace Thompson, Josh Bingaman, Ray Bozarth, Quinn Carlson, Julia Daino, Morgan Kelso, Kelsea Kern
Front Row - Ryan Turner, Jordan Spencer, Holly McGurk, Emma Covvarrubias, Caitlin McGurk, Jada Nagle, Isabella Williams

8th Grade Honor Roll
Back row - Ben Harris, Austin Carr, Pierce Peragine, Tommy Carr, Kathleen DeGenova, Kylie Graham, Roan Jacquelin, Kailyn Jamison, Jacob James, Tyler McDaniel
Front - Dylan Pastuck, Ethan Johnson, Mark Richie, Mackenzie Enteado, Mackenzie Tierney, Chris Tozer, Jake Meehl

7th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll
Bobby Andrews, Will Donohue, Mia Elisano, Alyssa Gery, Alivia Maher, Mason Nees, Kylee Rothmel 

7th Grade Honor Roll
Back - Vinny Povio, Nick Pizagno, Marlo Brown, Avery Campbell, Mackenzie Hand, Thomas Germanio, Jesse Hickman
Front - Noah Clemens, Dane Dolack, Erin Cowan, Jack Kneriem, David DeLong, Emily Kern, Emma Hoff, Sara Ryan

6th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll
Back - Nick Jamison, Mason Blizzard, Tyler McDevitt, Kaylee McGroarty, Abbie Teefy
Front - Tommy Barber, Reagan Gittle, Katrina Pease

6th Grade Honor Roll
Back - Bryan Wright, Joe Jacquelin, Laura Daino, Hannah Bowen, Lacie Adams, Troy Billings, Vanessa Fox, Angelina Lorenzo, Isabelle Phillips, Olivia Roache
Front - Chris Rothmel, Aiden Rivello, Aleida Bernat, Paige Hearon, Ben Lynch, Logan Mills, Cami Rothenbiller, David White 

February Hawks of the Month - 6th, 7th , and 8th grade students
Bryan Wright, Chloe Kretschmer, Will Donohue, Mia Elisano, Isabella Williams, and Jacob James

Principal Jamie VanArtsdalen presents February’s employee of the month, Julie Factor, with a certificate and the official coveted Employee of the Month parking spot. 

February Junior Hawks - 4th and 5th 
Back - Kendall Creamer, Julia Harris
Front - Angelina Pettit, Alanna Lloyd, Jake Pepper

February Primary School Hawklettes
Back - Employee of the month Sharon Bucko, Eric Siekierski, Gianna Peragine, Nicholas Meehl, Ryan Livingston, Katie Creamer, Lana McGaha and Principal VanArtsdalen
Front - Alexia Pettit, Jack Curvan, Rylan Thompson, Chevelle Hollingshead, William Scheufele, Elise Matalucci, Trey Hueber
Not Pictured: Brody Burrows and Kara Pilieri

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