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6th Grade Shadow Day

On Friday, June 9, sixth graders will shadow seventh graders during their academic periods to acclimate them to changing classes, organizing books for classes, and everything else that goes along with changing classes.
6th graders will begin shadowing 2nd period, after they attend their regular specials 1st period. 6th graders will report to their usual 3rd period class while 7th graders have specials that period. They will meet back up with their 7th grade buddy for study hall and lunch, and then continue with the normal 7thgrade schedule until the end of the day.
6th graders will receive a form with their buddy, their buddy’s 2nd period class, and room number and a copy of their buddy’s schedule.
6th grade teachers – Preps will be the same as usual. Please follow the following homerooms:
  • Unkle’s HR – Fitz, Berardis
  • Gurdgiel’s HR – Murphy, Pettit
  • Gonnam’s HR – Padula, McCann
7th grade teachers – Continue with a typical lesson– the 6 th graders are there for a slice of life and to see what next year will be like. Have some extra chairs/alternate seating available for the visitors.
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