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Women's History Month

Dennis Township students celebrated Women's History Month in numerous ways this past March.
In 5th grade, students dressed up like famous women in history, such as Pocahontas, Anne Frank, Hilary Clinton, Ruby Bridges, Molly Pitcher, Sally Ride, Mae C. Jemison, and Helene Keller.
Teachers Jeanette Riggitano and Taylor Reeves found the students enjoyed learning about these important women. 
"Our kids got a lot out of this experience," Reeves says.  "It's like the saying that you learn about someone's life when you walk a mile in their shoes."
7th graders, working in Amanda Unkle's language arts class, researched various women in history and wrote down quotes about them in a drawing of their profiles to create a giant poster. 
In addition, Unkle's students gave a brief statement of the women they researched during morning announcements throughout March.
"I hoped our students would use this project to learn about women they might not ever have known about otherwise," Unkle explains.  She found her students were very interested in women's history and enjoyed participating in the month-long celebration.
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