JiJi Visit

The Dennis Township Primary School hosted its annual ST Math assembly also know as JiJi Pep Rally on March 15th in the All Purpose Room. ST Math is the districts supplemental math program that focuses on problem solving and higher level thinking. Students get to work independently at their own level and travel  around the world with JiJi the penguin solving math games. The goal is for students to visit new concepts and build a solid foundation gaming through various levels and obstacles gaining a better sense of understanding and confidence in mathematics. We try our best to promote a JiJi culture throughout the school and encourage students to persevere and never give up. JiJi shared some thoughts and motto. “This may take some time and effort. I’m going to train my brain. I can do it! I believe in myself!” Students were encouraged to work on the program at home and at school, but most importantly encouraged to "never give up" because math is very important in the real world.

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