Educator of the Year

Dennis Township School District is proud to announce that Kelli Turner is the recipient of the 2016 Governor's Educator of the Year award!

Turner, a Dennis Township resident, is a speech therapist serving the elementary and middle schools. 

Working in the district since 2011, Turner is involved in the school community in many roles, including as chair of the Dennis Township Education Association PRIDE Committee and as a member of the Dennis Township Municipal Alliance Committee.

Since earning her Bachelor's degree from Stockton and her Master's in Speech Language Pathology from The College of New Jersey, Turner has also obtained her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language Hearing Association, is a certified Speech Language Specialist and is licensed in New Jersey as a Speech Language Pathologist.

With two children in the school system and playing in recreation sports and a family business in Ocean View, Turner is heavily involved in the community and was named Cape May County Volunteer of the Year in 2015 in recognition of her efforts.

Principal Jamie VanArtsdalen was overjoyed to present the award to Turner at a Christmas assembly on Friday morning in front of the students and staff.

"I was very happy when the committee announced that Kelli was going to receive the Teacher of the Year award," VanArtsdalen says.  "She is an integral part of our staff and an icon of professional behavior, so this honor is well deserved."

VanArtsdalen notes that Turner's volunteer roles and involvement in school events make her well known to not only the staff, but also to the students and community as a whole.

While thankful for the recognition, Turner insists that there are many more staff members in the district who work hard and deserve recognition, too.  "It feels good to know that your colleagues think highly of you and your work," Turner states.  "Receiving this award is inspiring for me and I hope I will live up to what it means."

Turner is now eligible to compete for Cape May County Educator of the Year.

Photo captions: left to right - Scott Turner, Megan Turner, Educator of the Year Kelli Turner, Ryan Turner and Principal Jamie VanArtsdalen