Chartertech Visit

Dennis Township 8th graders interested in performing arts enjoyed a presentation by representatives from Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts.  Organized by guidance counselor Monica DiVito, the Chartertech delegation showed the students a video and then talked about what the school has to offer and described the student experience at the school.

Chartertech Principal Dr. Brian McGuire and Artistic Coordinator Lew London explained Chartertech to the 8th graders, many of whom had never even heard of the performing arts charter school in Somers Point.  After hearing from the Chartertech students, including senior dance major Danielle D'Abundo, a proud Dennis Township alumnus, many of the Dennis Township students were impressed and interested in learning more.

"I'm interested in learning how to play the guitar as a professional and playing in places like New York," explained Albert Hickman.  "I didn't even know that you could go to a school like this around here."


Chartertech students (left to right):  Kevin Young (10th grade), Saudly Delphin (10th grade), Danielle D'Abundo (12th grade), Chris Chiong (12th grade), Mykhara Robinson (12th grade)

Presentation 1 & 2:  Chartertech Principal/Lead Person Dr. Brian McGuire addresses Dennis Township 8th graders