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Peer Leadership

Sponsored by the Dennis Township Municipal Alliance Committee, the Peer Leadership program is facilitated through the school district by guidance counselor Monica DiVito and focuses on empowering students to create positive change in their school and community.

"We were excited to attend the conference this year so our students could connect and network with other students throughout Cape May County," explains DiVito.  "Peer Leadership is about getting students to work together to make their schools and communities better and this was a great opportunity to build those skills."

The conference brought together the Peer Leadership teams from schools around the county for a morning of speakers, icebreaker activities, workshops and fun.

Trooper Dianna Wamsher said she thought the speakers had powerful messages for the students.  As the school resource officer for Dennis Township as well as being involved in the Peer Leadership program, she wants to see students working together to create a safer, more positive environment for the entire student body.

The students also agreed that the conference was a great experience and enjoyed the activities.  Some of the 8th graders who attended the conference are looking forward to getting involved in Peer Leadership groups in high school and all of them anticipate getting a lot out of the activities and training they are planning for the rest of this school year.

Particpating Students:

Paige McCurdy 8th
Madeleine McCurdy 8th
Mackenzie Steelman 8th
Suzy Dietrich 8th
Georgia Roache 8th
Ceara James 7th
Mackenzie Enteado 7th
Holly McGurk 7th
Caitlin McGurk 7th
Morgan Kelso 7th
Jordyn Mulligan 7th
Hannah Shaw-Wright 7th

Peer Leadership 1:  (left to right) 7th graders Ceara James, Holly McGurk, Caitlin McGurk, Mackenzie Enteado

Peer Leadership 2:  (left to right) 7th grader Holly McGurk and 8th graders Madeleine McCurdy and Mackenzie Steelman

Peer Leadership 3:  (left to right) back row:  Hannah Shaw-Wright, Georgia Roache, Holly McGurk, Caitlin McGurk, Ceara James, Suzy Dietrich, Madeleine McCurdy, Paige McCurdy; front row:  Jordyn Mulligan, Mackenzie Steelman, Mackenzie Enteado, Morgan Kelso
Peer Leadership 4:  (left to right) Madeleine McCurdy, Hannah Shaw-Wright, Paige McCurdy, Suzy Dietrich, Mackenzie Steelman, Jordyn Mulligan, Morgan Kelso

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