Quiz Bowl

Dennis Township Quiz Bowl teams for 2016.  Hosted by St. Augustine Preparatory School, the 9th Annual Quiz Bowl academic competition brings in over 30 teams of middle school students from all over southern New Jersey to answer questions from multiple academic disciplines.

Dennis Township Team A:  Georgia Roache (8th), Sayde Nichols (8th), Ray Bozarth (7th), Ms. Amanda Unkle (advisor), Jordan Tomlin (8th), Charlotte Selover (8th), Tyler Pursglove (8th), Courtney Rodier (8th)

Dennis Township Team B:  Jake Bryan (8th), Madeleine McCurdy (8th), Paige McCurdy (8th), Matt Gagliardi (8th), Ms. Amanda Unkle (advisor), Caitlin McGurk (7th), Holly McGurk (7th), Abby Wasacz (7th)

Full team photo:  (left to right) - back row:  Ray Bozarth, Ms. Amanda Unkle, Jake Bryan, Paige McCurdy, Madeleine McCurdy, Matt Gagliardi, Tyler Pursglove; front row:  Holly McGurk, Charlotte Selover, Georgia Roache, Jordan Tomlin, Sayde Nichols, Courtney Rodier, Abby Wasacz, Caitlin McGurk

Though Dennis Township did not place in the competition, the students competed with verve and vigor, thoroughly enjoying the contest and planning their return for next season!